Ceo Message

Managing Director's Message

Yasser Ali Al Alawi

Managing Director

Experience. Expertise. Commitment. Essential qualities that build the reputation of a construction company. Qualities that are vouched for when it comes to Al Sharqiya Real Estate and Investment - a full fledged construction firm that believes in partnering with its clients, with understanding and dedication.

With a genuine interest in the welfare of our clients, we at Al Sharqiya Real Estate and Investment are committed towards the delivery of dependable, timely, high-quality work that brings measurable value. Our client relationships and industry alliances allow us to concentrate on the dynamic evolution of the marketplace while keeping pace with the changes in the construction industry to offer world class services.

We are always known to take that extra step to obtain the right results for our clients, that too in the quickest possible time. While we are certainly proud of the results we get, we would also like to emphasise key aspects of our professional staff. They are friendly, approachable, empathetic people with whom you will easily relate to, from your very first encounter. Partners, we said we would be, and we assure you, your experience with us will be fruitful.

I welcome you to explore and examine all that Al Sharqiya Real Estate and Investment can offer you.